Why Single-Origin Coffee Is So Good

Why Single-Origin Coffee Is So Good

What’s the deal with Single Origin coffees anyway?

Single-origin coffee refers to the fact that the beans only come from a particular region and sometimes even from the same farm or crop. A blend is simply a mix of several single-origin coffees.

People love to drink single-origin coffees because they have a distinct flavor profile. And while the region they originate from tends to have similar tasting notes, each batch can produce flavors that are original to the farm or crop. Single-origin coffees tend to have a bolder and more robust taste and are even sometimes described as exotic. They will display unique characteristics only found in a particular coffee origin.

Single-origin coffees are sometimes called the more “pure” form of coffee because the flavor from its original location is preserved. Around the world, different regions have different climates and growing conditions and, much like wine, can create wildly different flavors in your cup.

At 3 Arrows Coffee Company, we have three types of single-origin coffees.


Brazil Light Roast: Clean with cocoa and peanut flavor and just a touch of citrus.


Ethiopia Light Roast: A bright, flavorful coffee with hints of cranberry and cocoa. 


Honduras Honey Medium Roast: A smooth coffee with hints of black cherry and chocolate. 


We highly encourage you to try the single-origin coffees as a pour-over!



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